Imbecile Test Answers on Your iPod Touch/iPhone

Imbecile Test Answers on Your iPod Touch/iPhone

These answers to the Imbecile Test on your iPod Touch or iPhone will help you finish the test.

  1. Press the blue button to begin – Tap the blue button
  2. Press the red button, then the green, then the blue – Tap the bottom right button, then the top right button two times.  
  3. What is America? – Tap Earth.
  4. What do you listen to? – Tap the music note.
  5. You’ve got mail – Tap the envelope.
  6. Touch anywhere to continue – Tap anywhere.
  7. Touch the weather to continue. – Tap the picture of clouds.
  8. Touch the biggest square – Tap the top right square.
  9. How many black dots do you see? – Tap the word “none”.
  10. Tap on the white house - Tap the word “white” then tap the red house.
  11. What are the horizontal lines? – Tap the word “parallel”.
  12. The screen shows 1, 100, 10, and 16 – Tap “10″.
  13. Tap blue, red, yellow, green. – Tap the words “blue”, “red”, “yellow”, “green”; don’t get fooled by the colors they’re written in.
  14. Touch the meet to advance – Tap the picture of the hands shaking.
  15. Touch the black square – Tap the black square surrounded by the buttons.
  16. Which line is longer? – Tap “neither”.
  17. 8 + 8 = 91– Flip your iPod upside down so that the equation turns green and then tap it.
  18. Quick! Continue – Tap the addition sign in the lower right-hand corner.
  19. Touch the smallest red circle – Tap the red circle in the word “touch”.
  20. Press go to continue – Tap the green button.
  21. Touch the cache to continue – Tap the box, not the money.
  22. How much sand fits in the sandbox 2′x2′x3”? – Tap “1728″
  23. OK! Did you know that 2 plus 2 equals 4……Touch the smallest oval to continue – Tap the lower right-hand “invisible” oval.
  24. Touch the red circle to continue – Tap the red circle.
  25. What was the order of the first set of circles? – Tap the combination that goes “red, white, blue”.
  26. What do you put in the toaster? – Tap the word “bread” in the lower left-hand corner.
  27. How do you spell spaghetti? - Tap “spaghetti” in the question.
  28. Touch the eyes to continue – Wait and then tap the pair of eyes that will appear on the right side of the screen.
  29. Touch the button in the middle – Tap the small circle surrounded by rectangles.
  30. Get the rock to the ground– Flip the iPod upside down.
  31. Do they have a fourth of July in England? – Tap “yes”.
  32. The Earth weights 6,600,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 tons.  Which one is the lightest? - Tap “full moon”
  33. Touch the number one – Tap the number one, not the word.
  34. Turn seven into even -Shake your iPod up and down and tap “next”
  35. Which month has 28 days? – Tap “all of the above”.
  36. Touch the square to continue – Tap the square that says “hi” on the right side.
  37. Divide 20 by ½ then add 20 – Tap “60”.
  38. Press the blue button to continue – Tap the blue button.
  39. Collect 5 numbers – Tap the colored square only 5 times and then wait.
  40. What will a snowman become when he grows old? – Tap the letters that spell “water”.
  41. Click on the smallest card – Tap the 10 of diamonds
  42. How many cookies do I have before I give any to you? – Tap “3”.
  43. Find x – Tap the “x” that is near the triangle.
  44. Which one is spelled correctly? – Tap the one spelled like this: palette.
  45. Click the one that doesn’t belong – Tap the chocolate popsicle. 
  46. Which one would you light up first? - Tap the lighter in the right hand corner.
  47. What do you see? -Tap “flesttuberi”
  48. Spot the difference - Look in the bottom picture of lady bugs.  Tap the lady bug that is near the upper right hand corner that only has four spots. 
  49. Tap on the biggest pyramid - Tap the smallest pyramid
  50. Click on the fastest gear – Tap the big, gray gear
  51. A flag of America and the United Kingdom – Tap the red and blue paint cans, then the word “next” in the bottom right-hand corner
  52. Eat 5 bananas in 3 seconds - Tap the banana once, tap it again, tap it again, and then tap the PAIR of bananas.
  53. Tap the ones that don’t belong to a beach - Tap the candle, the penguin, and a rectangle thing (?) on the left side by the tree.
  54. Continue - Trust me on this……Tap “continue”
  55. “You Fail! Loser!” – Tap the word “continue” in the top left corner

*even though it says “You fail! Loser!”, tap the word “continue” in the top left-hand corner* Congratulations!  You finished the test!  Now try to improve your score.

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